A recent “blue wave” across the nation may continue if the candidate for state treasurer Sarah Godlewski takes office for the Democratic Party later this year.

The College Democrats of University of Wisconsin hosted Godlewski and said as a native Wisconsinite and a background in finance, she hopes to decrease student loan debt, protect senior citizens from rising money scams and to educate seniors on the technological aspect of finance, while also protecting citizen tax dollars and investing in Wisconsin.

“Financial literacy is based on your school and your neighborhood,” Godlewski said. “In an increasingly technological world, we have to keep people, especially older generations, educated on the technology in the finance world.”

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Godlewski co-founded MaSa Partners, a Madison investment firm that invests in socially responsible businesses and worked on Hilary Clinton’s financial team while she was running for president.

Godlewski said student loan debt is an issue around the country. She hopes to offer students the chance to refinance student loans which would allow for them to start on their lives after college.

In the event Godlewski wins the race, she hopes to create an annual report for taxpayers so citizens can see where their money is going. She hopes this act will put the office into more of a position of a watchdog for taxpayers across the state.

“You have to peel back the onion in that situation or look under the hood of the car to really see what is going on under there,” Godlewski said.

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So far, Godlewski is the only candidate running for office, and candidates still have until June 1 to register for the race. Elections are set for November 6.