Of 318 reports of sexual assault on and off campus in 2017, 11 were investigated by the university, according to a report compiled by the University of Wisconsin.

295 reports were unable to be investigated by the University’s Office of Compliance for a variety of reasons. 173 of the reports couldn’t be investigated because the complainant reported the assault to confidential sources, which only discloses statistical information and not information that could be followed up on for investigative purposes, according to the document.

The university found five of the 11 students documented in reports responsible for sexual assault. The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, which adjudicates once investigations are completed, expelled one student, suspended two others, put one on university probation and is in the process of adjudicating one student’s discipline.

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Additional sanctions can be added to a student’s discipline, the report added, like counseling, alcohol education and restrictions on participation in extracurricular activities.  

A little over half of the reports that could have been investigated by the university — 52 percent — could not be investigated because the victim chose not to initiate the disciplinary process.

Reflecting studies that show the majority of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone known by the victim, the report said forty percent of sexual assault victims knew their assailant, while four percent of victims did not. For the rest of the reports, it is unknown whether the victim and assailant were acquaintances or not.

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While most of the incidents did not detail where the assault occurred, of the locations known by the university, 11 happened in places considered non-campus — like Greek houses and research stations — 42 happened off campus on privately owned property and 39 happened on campus — with 21 in University Residence Halls.

The report also included institutional efforts made by the university to increase awareness and reporting. These included identifying a dedicated Title IX coordinator and improved and more frequent training, specifically for those in power at UW and campus authorities.