The Associated Students of Madison Student Services Financial Committee held its last meeting of the year Monday, in which the final presentation for the 2019 fiscal year budget was reviewed before SSFC presents it to Student Council Tuesday.

Chair Jordan Gaal ran through the presentation for the attending members of the meeting.

“I want to make sure this accurately represents our work this year,” Gaal said.

As discussed in the presentation, the majority of the segregated fees will be allocated to University Health Services, the Wisconsin Union and the Wisconsin Union Building Project. Greater University Tutoring Service, WSUM Student Radio and ASM account for the least amount of the segregated fees.

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The General Student Services Fund allocated 3.25 percent less this year from last year. This decrease in allocated fees means a decrease in funding for “service-based registered student organizations which cover expenditures including staff, full-time staff and general programming expenses,” according to the presentation.

The GSSF includes organizations like Campus Women’s Center, the Muslim Student Association and the Working Class Student Union.

ASM Administration and Support will have a total allocation of $2,796,654.60, with the majority going to grants to RSOs, ASM staff salaries and ASM administration.

WSUM Student Radio will see an increase in allocable fees from the 2018 fiscal year. Student funds will be used for the operation of the campus radio, along with permanent staff and student salaries.

Trends in non-allocable fees — segregated university fees in which the chancellor has the primary authority to distribute — show an increase of roughly $10.5 million since FY 2018.

The Division of Recreational Sports will see an increase of 1.15 percent, UHS will see an increase of 2.5 percent and the Wisconsin Union will see an increase of 2.4 percent.

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GUTS will see a 1.75 percent decrease in non-allocable fees, and Transportation and Bus Pass will see a 4 percent decrease “because of how well they manage their budget,” Gaal said.

Capital Building Projects and Child Care Tuition Assistance will see no change in no-allocable fees from the 2018 fiscal year.

Gaal said University of Wisconsin Chancellor Rebecca Blank has approved the FY 2019 budget recommendation.

If the Student Council votes in favor of the budget, the motion will pass ASM. If it is voted down, the specific areas in question will have to be reviewed.

“That becomes a tricky situation,” Gaal said. “Because the budget would have to go back to the chancellor.”

The budget goes before the Student Council for a vote Tuesday.