President Donald Trump’s most recent call for increased border control was met with his signing of a memorandum that calls upon governors to take troops from state national guards and deploy them to the border.

Gov. Scott Walker received the news, which said the nation’s border is not secure and the most fundamental responsibilities are protecting it in a statement.

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“Over the years, I have spoken with many state and federal leaders about border security, including several governors from southern border states,” Walker said. “They explained the concerns they have about the many individuals crossing the border who they believe are connected to terrorist organizations or to areas of the world that harbor members of these organizations.”

Walker noted under the Bush and Obama administrations, National Guard troops were sent to the border to suppress the crossing of illegal drugs into America.

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But the request for more troops hasn’t been met with positivity all around. Congressman Mark Pocan penned a letter to Walker saying that the deployment of troops to the border is unnecessary due to historically low border crossings. Pocan also said that Trump’s plan to move troops grossly irresponsible and belittle the work of troops.

“The men and women serving in Wisconsin’s National Guard are dedicated and honorable public servants and they should be treated accordingly,” Pocan said.

In a response letter, Walker referenced the growing opioid crisis in Wisconsin and how the border is the frontline in reducing access to such substances.

Walker later said the privilege of commanding such a large force of troops comes with the responsibility of holding public service men and women to the oath they take when taking on the job.

“As governor, I want to ensure the safety of all of our citizens, and I want to reduce access to illegal drugs as part of a comprehensive strategy in dealing with opioid and illegal drug addiction,” Walker said. “Therefore, I welcome President Donald Trump’s aggressive actions to secure our nation’s southern border.”