A gunman reportedly shot a civilian Wednesday night while firing at a car near Fast Track gas station on East Washington Avenue.

The wound inflicted on the 18 year-old victim was not life-threatening, but nonetheless emotionally damaging according to initial Madison Police Department incident report.

“Never in my life would I have thought I would have been shot,” the unnamed Madison woman said to a responding officer.

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According to police findings, the gunman discharged eight bullets, which the suspect fired at a car pulling away from the gas station at high speeds. Neither the 18-year-old civilian nor the Kwik Trip across the street — whose windows were shattered — were intended targets.

Witnesses described the shooter as a slender six-foot-tall black male in his late teens or early 20s. Detectives are actively working on locating the shooter, who is believed to have driven off in a car right after the shooting, according to MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain.

At this time, the department has no further information to report about the targeted car, as the people inside “took off” instead of calling the police, according to DeSpain.

“[It is] very fortunate that she was not killed, and that no one else was killed, as we continue to have young people that are firing weapons recklessly,” DeSpain said.