A State Street barber was arrested for intentionally snipping the ear and shaving the head of a customer without his consent Friday.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, the barber was 46-year-old Khaled Shabani of Ruby’s Salon, located in the 600 block of State Street.

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The victim, a 22-year-old Madison man, requested an inch be taken off the hair on the top of his head and for the hair on the sides of his head to be sculpted when he entered the shop Friday.

The man said Shabani twisted his ear and accused him of fidgeting while he cut his hair. Shortly after this, the man said Shabani snipped his ear with scissors. Shabani then placed a “zero” attachment on the clipper and ran it down the middle of the man’s head.

The haircut reported to the Madison Police Department
Courtesy of the Madison Police Department

“He was starting to bleed when the ‘zero’ was used to cut a close path down the middle of his head, leaving him looking a bit like Larry from the ‘Three Stooges,’” the incident report said.

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After Shabani snipped his ear and shaved his head, the victim got up to leave the shop. According to the incident report, he had the rest of his head shaved elsewhere before returning home for the holidays.

The victim reported the incident to the police and Shabani was arrested for mayhem and disorderly conduct while armed. Shabani, however, claimed the whole incident had been an accident.