Gov. Scott Walker signed an executive order Tuesday which calls for a special election to be held in the 66th Assembly district following the resignation of Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine.

In 2006, Mason was elected as state representative from the 66th Assembly district, an area which largely includes Racine. Mason has won reelection to his seat every term since first being elected.

Earlier this year, Mason was a candidate for Mayor in his hometown of Racine. On Oct. 17, Mason won that election, prompting him to resign his seat in the Legislature.

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Even though Mason’s resignation will go into effect in January of next year, his term does not expire until January 2019.

Walker, in Executive Order #264, called for a special election to fill Mason’s seat. This election will take place on Jan. 16 of next year.

The winner of this special election will face a normal electoral calendar, with his or her term ending in January 2019, the same time Mason’s would have.

According to the order, potential candidates to replace Mason must have their nomination papers filed by Nov. 21.

If party primary elections are necessary, they will take place on Dec. 19.