The Madison man who was arrested for breaking into University of Wisconsin residence hall restrooms and taking pictures of women will be sent to a mental health facility.

18-year-old Larry Siedl was arrested two weeks in a row for taking pictures in the women’s restrooms of both Sellery and Ogg Residence Halls.

UWPD arrests man second time for sneaking into residence hall bathroom to take photos of womenUniversity of Wisconsin Police Department arrested a Madison man after he snuck into Ogg Residence Hall women’s restroom and took Read…

During his competency hearing Tuesday, Siedl was sent to a mental health facility, according to Channel 3000. He will be treated for 12 months. During that time, the court will be updated on his progress.

If Siedl is still not deemed competent to stand trial after 12 months, he will become a ward of the state and his charges will be dismissed. If, during the 12 months, he’s deemed competent to stand trial, the District Attorney’s Office will refile the charges.