The University of Wisconsin’s Student Services Finances Committee met Monday night to discuss multiple budget applications and hearings from various student organizations.

Live Free-Student Wellness and Recovery, a UW organization that helps students recovering from substance use or other addictive behaviors, had their budget of $50,188.78 approved unanimously by the committee for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Prior to the vote, committee members debated the allocation of funds Live Free receives in their advertising department.

Rep. Sophia Alzaidi said Live Free was cognizant of their demographic when making their advertising products.

“I know a lot about recovery, and while fidget spinners and other little toys may seem childish,” Alzaidi said, “it is clear that Live Free has thought about their demographic. They know that fidget toys are immensely helpful going through recovery.”

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Additionally, SSFC unanimously passed the budget for Sex Out Loud, a UW organization that promotes healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism. The budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year totaled $105,116.

Badger SPILL, an anonymous peer-based online support system based out of UW, proposed a budget of $55,738 for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

A spokesperson for Badger SPILL, Jayne Hurd presented an increase of $5,337.57 from the organization’s previous fiscal year.

“We want SPILL to be available for Badgers to have a safe space where they can express their feelings,” Hurd said.

Badger SPILL’s budget is set to be voted on Thursday.