One the eve of Halloweekend, Madison Police Department responded to two calls on West Gilman Street — one Thursday evening involving disorderly conduct and bail jumping and the other early Friday morning involving battery.

Thursday evening incident

According to a MPD incident report, the first of the two incidents occurred when several individuals called police after a man encountered a passerby, screaming obscenities and “something about white supremacy.”

The Beloit man, 48 year-old Cale Eakins, was then causing a disturbance on the 200 block of West Gilman Street by kicking the grills of parked cars and waving around an open bottle of wine in his hand.

Officers located Eakins and arrested him for disorderly conduct and bail jumping.

Early Friday morning incident

Early Friday morning, two 21-year-old downtown residents were attacked and knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant on West Gilman Street at University Avenue, according to a MPD incident report.

One of the victims suffered head trauma while the other was also punched.

Witnesses told police there was an altercation between the victims and two other men as they crossed paths near University Ave.

As passerby flocked the scene, the assailants fled while the crowd contacted the police.