The Student Services Finance Committee met Thursday to make a budget decision for Greater University Tutoring Services and hold budget hearings for Sex Out Loud and Live Free Student Wellness and Recovery.

Sex Out Loud project coordinator, Laura Jean Alexandre-Strong, presented the budget for the organization working to promote healthy sexuality through education and activism.

The organization is asking for the reallocation of funds in several areas, Alexandre-Strong said. They requested an increase in their budget for overall salaries, supplies and overall programs.

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The only decrease in funds was requested for advertising materials, Alexandre-Strong said.

“A lot of times when we have students come into Sex Out Loud, they tell us how they heard about us and it’s usually social media, word-of mouth, flyers,” Alexandre-Strong said. “It usually doesn’t come from the actual advertisement.”

The committee expressed concern about one of the organization’s events, Miss Pole — an event which allows participants to express their sexuality through dancing. Last year, 50 people attended the event.

Rep. Henry Galles was concerned with the inclusivity of the event, and whether or not the event is geared toward men as well.

The event is accessible for all, Alexandre-Strong said. Some men already have attend Miss Pole on campus.

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Rep. Jeremy Swanson and Galles also questioned the amount of $120,000 allocated for condoms every year. Alexandre-Strong said last year, they gave all out all of the supplies they bought.

The final budget for Sex Out Loud will be determined at the next SSFC meeting.

During Live Free Student Wellness and Recovery’s budget hearing, chair Colin Kluender addressed the issue of there being more than $3,500 from the organization that was returned to Associated Students of Madison last fiscal year.

This was a result of losing their co-chair, but the position is expected to be filled again in January, he said. The final budget for Live Free will also be determined at the next SSFC meeting.

SSFC also approved the GUTS budget in a 10-0-1 vote.