The winners of the Associated Students of Madison elections for freshman class representatives were announced Wednesday.

University of Wisconsin freshmen have been without representation from their class in the Student Council since the class arrived in Madison late August. The election, which occurred over a span of three days earlier this week, determined who would comprise the freshmen Student Council delegation.

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According to the election results released by ASM, 29 percent of the 6,610 freshmen voted — a total voting population of 1,903 students.

Of the 37 candidates who received votes, only the four candidates who received the highest number of votes won a seat on ASM. Those candidates are Nathan Miller, Iris Huang, Cecilia Myers and Jack Madison.

Miller’s win of 450 votes topped the list of candidates. His results are followed by the 404 votes cast for Huang, the 394 votes cast for Myers and the 320 votes cast for Madison.

Of the 1,903 total votes, the results reported by ASM show 1,568 of them were cast for the four winning representatives, a number which translates to more than 82 percent of the entire vote. This leaves only 335 votes, or 18 percent, to be divided among the remaining 33 representatives who also received support on Wednesday’s election.

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In their new role, the freshmen representatives will join 29 other elected representatives from various undergraduate and graduate backgrounds at UW.

Collectively, these representatives comprise the Student Council. Through power granted to them in Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), the Student Council advises the university administration on policies concerning student life.

Serving for a one year term, new representatives will be elected next year.