A University of Wisconsin student recovered his stolen wallet by punching the suspect in the face early Thursday morning in the 700 block of State Street.

The suspect, 38-year-old Tino Luu, had been asking for money, according to a Madison Police Department incident report. The victim gave him $1, but the suspect saw there was $20 in the wallet.

When the suspect asked for more money, the 23-year-old student said it “was not going to happen” and continued walking. The victim placed his wallet in a plastic bag, which also contained recent purchases.

The suspect followed the student, came up from behind and ripped the bag out of his hand. The suspect tried to run but was not fast enough.

The victim delivered a blow to the suspect, which resulted in the suspect falling down on the pavement. The victim was then able to recover the bag and wallet.

Police took the suspect to the hospital for treatment of a facial injury before he was booked in jail for theft and disorderly conduct.

The victim told a MPD officer he was studying for a test he had to take in the morning. Feeling distraught, the victim said he was not sure if he would be able to take the test and asked if the officer would write him a note.

The investigating officer provided the victim with a business card and a case number following that.