The Associated Students of Madison brought forth several new pieces of legislation including free menstrual items, gender-neutral bathrooms and a commitment to diversity in a student council meeting Tuesday.

In a vote of 16-1, ASM passed a resolution supporting a complimentary menstrual products pilot program which will allow any student access to free menstruation products regardless of financial need.

The dollars collected by menstrual dispensers in bathrooms was an average of $46 over the last five years, Chair Evan Pelke said.

“My goal, for me, is to provide these resources to students who can’t necessarily afford them,” Pelke said.

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Another piece of legislation regarding gender-neutral bathrooms also passed in a vote of 10-5-3, stating for each set of gender-specific bathrooms there will be one gender-neutral bathroom and one on each floor in every new or renovated building.

The last piece of legislation that was passed on Tuesday was a resolution voted to reaffirm the University’s commitment to diversity. This piece passed in a vote of 13-3-4.

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Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Dean of Students Lori Berquam also spoke at the meeting, addressing several issues including free speech on campus, sustainability and student debt.

Blank focused on UW’s handling of past issues surrounding free speech.

“Universities are about free speech, they must be about the change of humans and listening to folks,” Blank said.