Student Services Finance Committee voted on the eligibility of the University of Wisconsin Black Student Union Thursday and discussed budget training for the upcoming year.

Prior to the vote, representatives discussed WBSU’s ability to meet on-request demands, which was also a topic of debate during their eligibility hearing Monday.

Rep. Jake Victor said traditionally on-request is interpreted as time, but it could also be interpreted as topic, which is what WBSU does.

During WBSU’s “Talk to Me Tuesdays,” students can request certain topics to be discussed during or outside of their meetings.

Rep. Zaakir Abdul-Wahid said WBSU would make themselves available if necessary.

“[WBSU] is available on-request with more than just subject matter,” Abdul-Wahid said.

Rep. Jordan Madden said WBSU “absolutely” meets eligibility of available upon request.

SSFC approved WBSU’s eligibility in a 10-0-3 vote.

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