A U.S. judge ordered Apple to pay the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation $506 million for infringing on a patent owned by the University of Wisconsin.

UW won the trial in October 2015 after WARF filed a lawsuit against Apple in February 2014, claiming Apple’s A7 processing chip infringed on WARF’s patent.

The original jury verdict granted UW $234 million, but U.S. District Judge William Conley added $272 million because Apple continued to infringe on the patent until it expired in December 2016, according to Reuters.

Apple to pay $234 million penalty in UW patent lawsuitA Madison jury ordered Apple Inc. Friday to pay $234 million in damages to University of Wisconsin, Reuters reported. The Read…

Apple denied any infringement on the patent in the 2015 trial by arguing the patent is invalid. Apple requested the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to review the patent, but the request was denied.

WARF also alleged chips in later versions of the iPhone infringed on the same patent in a separate lawsuit against Apple in 2015. But, Conley said he would not make a decision in that case until Apple has been given the chance to appeal the 2015 verdict.

“WARF will continue to defend the work of the university researchers and WARF’s patent in this case, should Apple, Inc. file an appeal,” the organization said in a statement.