Bringing a variety of different ideas and research together, seven University of Wisconsin undergraduate journals have joined forces to create the Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal Association.

WUJA was founded this year and while it’s not officially recognized as a student organization, it plans to become one next semester.

Sifting and Winnowing, the Journal of Undergraduate Studies, the Wisconsin Engineer and UW’s undergraduate history journal ARCHIVE are a few of the seven journals that make up WUJA. The Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology is the newest journal included in WUJA.

ARCHIVE editor Hilary Miller teamed up with Maren Harris, the editor-in-chief of the same journal, to spearhead WUJA. Both Miller and Harris are UW students.

“Essentially, by coming together we wanted to create an association of authors, editors, staff and faculty who have contributed to each journal to exchange ideas, pieces and contacts,” Miller said.

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Miller said their goal was to combine the work of authors across the seven journals into one cohesive publication. While each journal will still have their own website and work independently, WUJA creates an easy portal for viewers seeking a “well-rounded read.”

The organization is working online to develop a PDF that would highlight clips from each journalist’s work, Miller said. This PDF would be titled “WUJA’s Best of Publication.”

Miller said she is focused on collecting the best of the writer’s work and encouraging writers to do well. She said she is looking for progression in the club.

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Part of progressing the club, Miller said, includes WUJA’s new website. The website’s links lead to the individual journals and a section called the “Best of UW.” This will highlight the best of each publication, Miller said.

As a co-founder, Miller said she is actively involved in leading meetings, events and working on public relations for WUJA. She said she has full faith in its potential and plans to work with WUJA until she graduates.

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While this is the beginning of WUJA, it is the end for some of the editors. Miller said there is a need for prospective editors to continue what she predicts will be a successful club.

Miller said one of her main priorities is creating awareness about the club. She said she wants to inform as much of the student body as possible since this is a new organization.

“I am excited to see where things go from here and deeply believe in WUJA’s greater mission to provide an interdisciplinary outlet for UW students to learn and publish alongside one another, regardless of their major or field of study,” Miller said.