Outgoing Associated Students of Madison Chair Carmen Goséy sent a letter to the campus community Monday, condemning the University of Wisconsin and its actions toward students of color.

Goséy said in the beginning of her term as chair she used to be hopeful and proud, but now she is no longer content with the university’s actions. For Goséy, the university has a role in actively silencing students of color’s voices on campus.

“I ask people of color to reconsider your place at this institution,” Goséy said. “I ask parents of color to rethink sending your children to this institution.”

Goséy called herself a “token for white supremacists,” as she holds one of the highest student positions on campus. She said during her the first semester she tried to implement changes and initiatives, but then became discouraged.

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In the letter, Goséy said racism is embedded in ASM and the university. She added all white people are racists since they uphold “a system of disadvantage.”

For Goséy, racism is a condition, but being anti-racist is a choice. She said the university does not recognize the historical significance of its “stolen” Ho-Chunk land, because it does not acknowledge oppression of people of color.

As her final words as ASM chair, Goséy said, “This institution does not care about people of color.”