A Madison resident was held at gunpoint outside his residence on the 10 block of Langdon Street late Tuesday night.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, the victim was walking home down Langdon when he saw a group of five black males between the ages of 13 to 19 years old.

The “oldest” of the group walked up to the victim and asked him for a light. The victim said he had one at his house, which was nearby, and told him he would bring it out.

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After going back to his house to retrieve the lighter, the suspect followed him along with the four other members of the group. Immediately afterward, the suspect placed the barrel of a black handgun into the victim’s chest and asked him for money.

The victim gave him cash from his wallet and then ran back inside his house. The suspects left the scene immediately and authorities haven’t been able to locate them.

The gun-wielding suspect is described to be an approximately 19-year-old black male with short hair wearing a dark colored zip-up shirt.

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Lt. Timothy Radke said there is no specific information to indicate this incident is related to recent gun-related incidents in the city.

“It is pretty common — and we’ve seen this city-wide — where a menial question is asked in situations like these, like ‘Can I borrow a cigarette?’ or ‘Can I have a light?” Radke said.

The investigation is still ongoing