Even though Wisconsin’s population may not be getting younger, it still remains one of the best states for millennials to live in.

Out of the 50 states in the nation, Wisconsin recently ranked number eight as one of the best states for millennials to live in, according to a WalletHub study.

Wisconsin achieved high rankings for metrics like civic engagement, but did not, however, see the same success in areas like economic health.

The financial categories measured in the study held Wisconsin back from earning a higher ranking. Wisconsin scored slightly above average in categories like affordability and economic health.

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In an email to The Badger Herald, Jill Gonzalez, a WalletHub analyst, said millennials are currently earning 20 percent less than baby boomers did at the same age. This is why nearly one-third of millennials are still living with their parents.

This is not to say, however, Wisconsin is completely down and out in terms of its financial situation.

James Johannes, a University of Wisconsin business professor and member of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Policy Committee, said Wisconsin still offers a considerable amount of financial flexibility and would still be a good choice for millennials.

“Anyone looking for options, choices and different ways to conduct financial business would certainly find it in Wisconsin,” Johannes said.

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Gonzalez said independence and an overall positive quality of life are important to millennials. Actual take-home pay is something less important to them, she added.

Wisconsin’s civic engagement ranked third out of all 50 states. Gonzales said the state’s high rankings in quality of life and civic engagement are congruent with values and ideals millennials tend to hold.

“Wisconsin millennials are engaged when it comes to social and political issues, which is a growing value nationwide,” Gonzalez said.

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Gonzalez said one of the biggest themes of the study was discovering how millennial values are shifting toward work that is more fluid and less rigid. They also looked at how this can be beneficial in today’s day and age.

“It is a positive thing in a constantly changing labor market that needs innovative ideas in order to evolve,” Gonzalez said. “Millennials are contributing heavily — if not the most — to this evolution.”