Student representatives from across the UW System passed a resolution Monday expressing opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to make allocable student fees optional.

The proposal is part of Walker’s 2017-19 biennial budget proposal.

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Walker and other conservatives in the state Legislature have said the fees go to services or organizations not all students use or agree with. Associated Students of Madison allocates the fees at UW.

On the UW campus, segregated student fees cover Madison bus passes, the Rape Crisis Center, multicultural programs, student organizations, student tutoring services, ASM and many other programs and services.

The resolution specifically mentioned transportation would be one of the sectors impacted. The student representatives said the proposal could be detrimental especially on larger campuses, like UW.

“Students depend on access to transportation on our 936 acre campus, and would struggle to get to classes [without bus passes],” the resolution said.

If segregated fees became optional, financial aid services wouldn’t cover the allocable segregated fees. This would deny students with financial restrictions accessibility to the services funded by segregated fees.

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The resolution also noted the segregated fees would be significantly impacted by the decrease in funding and by default would also negatively affect student programs that receive the fees, potentially resulting in program eliminations.

Student representatives from 18 UW campuses voted on the resolution.

“I am glad that we all are united on fighting for our campuses and the UW System,” ASM chair Carmen Goséy said. “ASM always tries to best represent our student voices and we’re excited to move forward with our efforts.”