Despite engaging in misconduct during a 2016 incident, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval will not face any disciplinary actions, according to the decision made by the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners Tuesday.

Sharon Irwin, the grandmother of Tony Robinson, and Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores filed three complaints against Koval in August 2016 regarding incidents with him that June.

During a City Council meeting, Koval spoke with two individuals outside of the meeting. While in conversation with the individuals, Irwin and Kilfoy-Flores were standing nearby and Irwin attempted to speak with Koval.

As Koval and the individuals moved to exit the City-County building, Irwin and Kilfoy-Flores followed, with Irwin continuing to attempt conversation.

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While Koval walked down the stairs, he said Irwin was a “raging lunatic,” which was considered misconduct, according to the decision.

“I do regret my momentary lapse of self-discipline in not speaking to a citizen in a respectful way,” Koval said in a statement. “I accepted responsibility for my actions then, and now, and an apology was already extended to the petitioner(s) last year.”

The Police and Fire Commissioners said the nature of this incident did not warrant them to suspend, demote or discharge Koval, even though it was misconduct.

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At another incident, when Irwin surpassed the three-minutes she was given to speak at a City Council meeting, Koval struck the desktop where he was sitting three times to signal her time was up.

The Commissioners said they viewed a video tape of the incident and did not find the action to be unreasonable or violate any Madison Police Department rules.

During the final June incident, Kilfoy-Flores said she perceived Koval making a threatening gesture toward his sidearm, according to the decision. The Commissioners said they were not persuaded that this happened.

Koval said he appreciates the Commissioners for ending the process. This is the first sustained complaint during his entire career, which also includes time with the FBI, he added.

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The commissioners regarded the comments as “isolated and literally unique” within Koval’s record of service. They added in the future, they expect a higher standard from the police chief than reflected in his comments made in Irwin’s presence.

Koval said everyone at MPD is held to high standards by their code of conduct — even himself.

“As your Chief, I remain completely committed to leading one of the best police departments in the country, to the best of my abilities,” Koval said.