The Student Services Finance Committee unanimously voted to approve WSUM’s $376,000 budget for the 2017-18 academic school year, which includes a 3 percent increase.

The Thursday meeting began with a public forum of WSUM members addressing the committee with their experience and opportunity that WSUM Radio has made possible for them. All of the members expressed their gratitude to the program and their hope to see it continue to grow and succeed.

WSUM’s administrative support specialist, Erica Gelman spoke about how the radio station offers a platform for students.

“This is a really big school with a lot of people and this is the only way some people can speak and be heard,” Gelman said.

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In the same vein, WSUM co-founder and current general manager, Dave Black outlined WSUM’s history and success as well as the reasoning behind the request for their increase.

WSUM is currently the only student broadcast of Madison. WSUM has won a total of five national awards from College Broadcaster Incorporated over 15 years, with two of them being awarded  just last year, Black said.

“[This] shows you that [WSUM] just keeps building,” Black said 

Black said the station is requesting a 3 percent increase for the budget to replace old equipment, improve tech support and add a third stream where an assistant program director is on the air during morning hours

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When Black finished his presentation, he said he hoped the committee the would recognize the station is expanding, succeeding and exceeding expectations when it came to their vote.

Rep. Denzel Bibbs said WSUM’s request for the increase was based on a “strong logical argument.”

Following the vote, the committee proceeded to discuss the Student Activity Center’s expenses for repairs by engaging in a tour of the facility.

The committee postponed the decision to vote on the SAC’s budget and will instead meet again Monday to discuss and vote on it along with the transportation budget.