Students approved Memorial Union’s budget unanimously in a Student Services Finance Committee meeting Monday.

The total budget is $10,613,000 and includes a 1 percent increase. SSFC Vice Chair David Morel said the overall budget was strong.

“While there is a modest increase of 1 percent, this is nothing out of the ordinary,” Morel said. “This looks like a solid budget, and I have no worries about approving it as it stands.”

Rep. Jordan Gaal questioned how staff would pay unexpected costs during the final stages of construction at the building. Staffers explained money for those types of costs would come from contingency funds.

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The committee also raised pay for some positions in the Student Judiciary, another branch of the Associated Students of Madison. This branch oversees ASM elections and resolves ASM disputes.

Chief Justice Will Olson said the raises would cover some of the main positions within the Judiciary, including the chief justice, vice chief justice, Student Elections Commission chairs, public defenders and solicitor general. Morel said this would bring salaries up to the minimum wage established throughout similar groups.

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SEC Chair Kate Wehrman said in the upcoming year, the Judiciary plans to look into updating the voting matrix to make it more interactive with a requested $11,000. For example, the new matrix could provide explanations of who the candidates are for student voters.

SSFC Secretary Kyle Watter said he supported the request because elections wouldn’t be possible without the appropriate systems.

The committee approved the Judiciary’s $44,869 budget unanimously as well, including the system funding and increased salaries.