Over the weekend, the University of Wisconsin discovered its Law School was the target of a computer hack.

The hacked database contained the Social Security numbers and names of applicants to the Law School from 2005 to 2006, a total of 1,213 individuals, according to a UW statement.

As of Tuesday, all those affected have been mailed and emailed notices about the data breach.

While the statement indicated the files included no other personal identification information, the university said it has since removed the records likely accessed in the hack. Additionally, the breach has been reported to law enforcement as well as three national credit reporting agencies. 

Breach exposes SSN numbersA serious data breach exposed the social security numbers of 2,920 people when 40 computers in the University of Wisconsin Read…

To help protect against identify theft, affected individuals will receive free credit monitoring for one year.

On campus, security measures have been increased. New programs to identify vulnerability have been implemented, current computer applications are in the process of being streamlined and databases’ access credentials are being restricted to limit future risk of this manner of exposure.