More than 3,000 University of Wisconsin employees will not receive proposed raises or overtime eligibility after a federal judge temporarily blocked President Barack Obama’s federal regulations governing overtime pay.

UW had scheduled the proposed salary increases to take effect Thursday.

According to a UW statement, the U.S. Department of Labor made modifications to the Fair Labor Standards Act earlier this year. On Nov. 22, however, a federal judge ruled that the DOL did not have the authority to make those changes.

These changes would have required employees that earned less than $47,476 annually to be paid overtime for working any hours over 40 hours a week.

Prior to the order, employees that earned less than $23,660 would be paid overtime.

UW planned to increase the salary of 760 campus employees, and 2,111 additional employees would have transitioned from salaried to hourly work, UW spokesperson John Lucas told the Wisconsin State Journal.