The Wisconsin Elections Commission will move forward with recount efforts Monday after receiving a petition from Former Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein.

After a last minute fundraiser, the Wisconsin Elections Commission received Stein’s recount request Friday afternoon.

While Stein only won 1.1 percent of the vote for president, she raised money for the vote after election experts and lawyers urged a recount citing voting anomalies. A win in Wisconsin would not change the outcome of the election, but Stein has also pledged to trigger recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

WEC Administrator Michael Haas said in a statement Friday that the commission is still calculating the exact cost of the recount and will begin as soon as Stein has paid that amount.

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“Wisconsin has the most decentralized election system in the United States,” Haas said. “The system has strong local control coupled with state oversight, resting on the partnership between the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the 72 county clerks, and the 1,854 municipal clerks.”

In a recount, all ballots are reexamined and tabulated to determine the intent of the voter, this includes ballots originally counted by hand.

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign has said it will join in the recount but said it had not found any evidence of foul play during the election process.

President-elect Donald Trump has blasted Stein’s petition as a “Green Party Scam to fill up their coffers.” Trump has also called the legitimacy of the election into question after tweeting Sunday that millions of votes had been cast illegally. But there have been no verified accounts of voter fraud from the presidential election.

The deadline for recounts in Pennsylvania is Monday, while Michigan’s is on Wednesday.