In light of a recent search warrant, it is possible that suspended University of Wisconsin student Alec Cook may face additional charges related to stalking.

Cook currently faces 15 counts of criminal charges, 11 of which are sexual assault charges at varying degrees.

In the search warrant filed in the Dane County Circuit Court Wednesday, a woman had come forward alleging Cook followed her around campus in the spring of 2016.

From following her to study sessions to appearing at her work when she wasn’t there and asking for her, the complainant said Cook appeared to be “everywhere on campus.”

Calling his behavior “creepy, unsettling, uncomfortable, stressful and harassing,” the complainant added Cook also sent her photos.

She did not disclose to investigators the nature of the photographs Cook sent.

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Cook, through his defense attorney Christopher Van Wagner, had previously consented to a limited search of his phone Oct. 18. Investigators returned to court Oct. 28 to request an expansion of the search on Cook’s phone to January 2015.

By doing so, investigators said they believe they will be better able to corroborate the alleged statements the complainants made to data that might be found on his phone.

In a previous court hearing Oct. 24, Assistant District Attorney Colette Sampson mentioned the District Attorney’s Office was looking to add stalking related charges to the criminal complaint.

Sampson showed the court commissioner a copy of an index page of one of Cook’s notebooks which, she alleged, had a category marked “kill.” At the time, Sampson could not contend to the exact meaning of it, but she believed the notebook was used to “groom and stalk” women.

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When the official 15-count criminal complaint was introduced against Cook Oct. 27, there was no mention of the notebook, nor were any stalking charges made within the complaint.

At a news conference after the bail hearing, Van Wagner said the absence of these promised charges and the lack of mention of the notebook within the complaint pointed to the state’s failure to adequately back up any stalking claims against his client.

“Everything you have seen in the media about those topics is wrong,” Van Wagner. “Not from me, not from [defense attorney] Jessa [Nicholson], but from the state.”

Cook awaits possible release at Dane County Jail on a $200,000 bail. His next court hearing is scheduled for Nov. 28.

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