Gov. Scott Walker requested federal disaster aid Tuesday to assist 12 northwestern Wisconsin counties in recovering from September flooding.

Walker said in a statement that the Federal Emergency Management Agency needs to quickly approve the request to help with more than $11 million in damage.

“Once again, heavy rains caused flash flooding and mudslides over a large section of our state causing widespread damage to homes, businesses and roads,” Walker said in the statement.

The severe thunderstorms produced “torrential rain, damaging winds, and large hail,”  according to the executive order. They harmed trees, power lines, roads and bridges with mudslides and flash flooding.

The funding would aid Wisconsinites who had to evacuate and are still recovering from the disaster. The biggest costs came from fighting floods, protecting citizens, removing debris and repairing damaged infrastructure.

The funding would also help pay for emergency response services from Wisconsin Emergency Management, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Health Services, state patrol and the national guard.

FEMA would fund 75 percent of eligible costs, leaving 25 percent to the state of Wisconsin and local communities.

“The flooding has put huge strains on many local budgets and time is of the essence as crews are working hard to get these roads and bridges repaired before winter begins,” Walker said.