On most crisp, fall days in Madison, students and families spend their afternoons enjoying a walk along Lake Mendota, or a Spotted Cow on the Terrace at Memorial Union.

But for partners Galye and Gregory “Ollie” Dombrow, the beautiful weather in Madison called for an art project to protest Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Sunday.

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

The two political activists trekked from Rockfield as part of their traveling art project “737 lbs. of Opinion.” The piece is comprised of nearly 737 pounds of cardboard each with a “T” crossed out in black paint.

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

The “T” represents the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and the piece was born out of a strong opposition to his campaign, Gregory Dombrow said.

“His ideology, his persona, his personality — everything about him is really objectionable to what we think leadership is,” he said.

Earlier this election cyle, the Dombrows said they were “Bernie supporters in some sense,” although they never officially rallied for him. Having attended his rallies in Madison, the independent voters said even though they liked what he was representing, he did not have all of the answers.

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Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

“Did [Sanders] have all the answers? We don’t know. Does [Clinton]? We’re not sure. But Trump doesn’t,” Dombrow said.

Covering Bascom Hill with the cardboard to spell “NO,” Dombrow said he and his partner came to Madison to get the word out about how dangerous and scary Trump is.

A veteran, Gregory Dombrow said war has become a business. Since Trump is a business man, he will do the United States in a business way that “you won’t believe,” he said.

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

Pointing to Trump’s proposals to invade Iraq and “just take their oil,” Gregory Dombrow said such stances are horrific.

“Invasion of countries has never been a doctrine that’s been established by the United States,” Gregory Dombrow said. “We have already done it too many times, and we should learn our lesson.”

Citing Clinton’s experience as one of her biggest qualifiers, Dombrow said he wouldn’t want to be in the ring with her and would like to see a woman president.

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

The Dombrows will continue traveling throughout Wisconsin showing their art piece, and might take it to Seattle later in October.

“Trump is not representing the people of America,” Gayle Dombrow said. “We’re too great of a country for him. We’ve always been great. We don’t need to be great again — we are great.”