There’s a new addition to Madison’s late night pizza scene — Pizza Roller.

Founded by University of Wisconsin junior Cory Welper, the Pizza Roller is a mobile pizza dispensary that operates on weekends during bar hours. Welper said he hopes the small food truck will provide a more convenient option for those who don’t want to wait an hour in line at Ian’s or the newly-opened Lotsa Pizza.

A regular patron of Madison’s nightlife, Welper said he came up with the idea for the roller while waiting in line for Ian’s one night. He reasoned people would pay similar prices in exchange for pizza of similar quality without the wait.

The Pizza Roller will sell pies made by Falbo’s Pizzeria. Pizza will be sold by the slice and cost $3.

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Welper said his business model is primarily built upon impulse buys since the Pizza Roller will be roaming around the State Street area throughout bar hours. He expects the truck to function much like an ice cream truck, attracting tipsy millennials to its premade bounty with the aroma of pizza and bright, colorful lights.

Welper said he’s also looking for possible advertising partners to further monetize his mobile enterprise.

While there are now four vendors offering late night pizza in Madison: Lotsa, Ian’s, Pizza Di Roma and now the Pizza Roller, Welper is convinced there is still ample market share for his business to occupy.

“I think the market for pizza downtown late night is almost insatiable,” Welper said.