The Madison Board of Police and Fire Commissioners set Nov. 16 as the day for Madison Police Chief Mike Koval’s hearing after Sharon Irwin and Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores filed complaints against his conduct.

Irwin, grandmother of officer-involved shooting victim Tony Robinson, alleged that Koval violated sections of the Madison Police Department Code of Conduct and Standard Operating Procedures, totaling 37 counts.

In her official complaint, Irwin alleged Koval called her a raging lunatic twice outside of council chambers at a June 7 Madison City Council meeting. Irwin said Kilfoy-Flores was with her during the conversation.

According to her complaint, Koval pounded the table three times with his hand when Irwin went over the allotted time limit when speaking to the council.

“I was shaken, upset, wanted to cry,” Irwin wrote in her complaint. “This triggered some hellish memories for me.”

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Irwin and Kilfoy-Flores will have separate cases during the Nov. 16 hearing. The board predicts the hearing will last six hours.

If the commission finds Koval at fault, they will have the power to suspend, demote or fire him.

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The initial hearing for a complaint filed by Roxane Stillman against Koval and Officer Tom Helgren was also Monday night.

Representatives of both Koval and Helgren stated they were interested in filing written motions to dismiss the hearing.

Stillman said all she is asking for is a job to be done.

“I definitely don’t want it dismissed,” Stillman said. “No way. No way.”