Seven prominent Wisconsin Republicans, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., spoke at the Republican National Convention June 18-21 in support of 2016 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The Wisconsinites spoke about the importance of stopping presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and unifying the Republican party. In addition to Ryan and Johnson, Wisconsin natives who spoke at the convention included Gov. Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke,  Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisc., and Rachel Campos-Duffy.

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Ryan emphasizes importance of Republican ideals

At the convention, Ryan said the American people want the political system to change — something they won’t see from the Democratic party. Instead, Democrats are offering another Obama term, just led by Clinton, he said.

The result of Obama’s presidency, Ryan said, has been “empty gestures, shady powerplays and constitutional limits being brushed off.”

Additionally, Ryan said progressive Democratic policies prevent people from gaining economic opportunities and make poverty worse.

“Progressives deliver everything except progress,” he said.

Part of the goals of the Republican party under the next president are to create a reformed health care system and provide care to military personnel and veterans, Ryan said.

Ryan said Republicans will work to eliminate barriers created by class and ethnicity and instead work toward respect and empathy.

“Everyone is equal, there is worth and goodness in every life. … That is the Republican ideal,” he said. “And if we don’t defend it, who will?”

Ryan said Trump and Republican nominee for vice president, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, are the only ones who will be able to make the changes needed to live up to these ideals.

Johnson says Trump will support military and combat terrorism

Rather than spending his time promoting Trump, Johnson focused on Clinton’s faults and the issue of protecting against terrorism.

Johnson said Clinton is unfit to be president because she repeatedly lies to the American people. He pointed to her response to the Benghazi attack in 2012 as an example of her untrustworthiness.

“If we can’t trust her to tell us the truth, how can we trust her to lead America?” he said.

The next commander in chief must back against terrorist attacks and confront the violent events that are occurring around the world, Johnson said.

He said the U.S. needs strong leadership that will make economic changes, secure borders and create a stronger military. The ultimate goal for the next president should be to defeat ISIS so the American people can once again live in freedom, Johnson said.

Trump and Pence are strong leaders who have an understanding of these priorities, Johnson said, and will work to create a safe, prosperous and secure America.

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Milwaukee Sheriff looks to Trump for safety in America

At the convention, Clarke focused his attention domestic safety.

Safety is a fundamental right that applies to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age and lifestyle, Clarke said. He said Americans no longer feel safe in their own homes.

Clarke said he grieves for the three officers killed in the Baton Rouge shooting, stating “blue lives matter in America.”

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To ensure safety, Clarke said it’s important for people to follow the rule of law so stability and fairness are maintained. Clarke said some of the actions of the Black Lives Matter movement go beyond peaceful protest and move toward anarchy, violating the peaceful code of conduct that is important for safety.

Clarke said Trump is the presidential nominee who will support police and ensure safety for citizens.

“Donald Trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs,” Clarke said.

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Chair of Republican National Committee says Trump will further Republican goals

Priebus, Republican National Committee chair and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, said Republicans are the only ones willing to fight for the important values of “peace, prosperity, freedom and fairness.”

He said Trump will stop illegal immigration, attack terrorism, better the economy, ensure gun rights, promote safety and appoint conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Priebus said America has had enough of Clinton’s coverups and corruption.

“This is our moment to set a new course for an America as strong and confident as we’ve ever been,” Priebus said. “Let’s stand united as Republicans.”

Wisconsin congressman and wife talk importance of the American dream

Both Duffy and his wife Campos-Duffy, a former reality TV star, said the electorate needs to rally behind Trump.

Duffy said the Republican party offers economic freedom that gives people the opportunity to grow and improve their economic position. He said Democrats inhibit upward mobility by creating rules and regulations that crush American workers.

Campos-Duffy stressed the importance of working hard to achieve the American dream, a goal she said Trump would help further.

“The challenges in America have never been greater,” Campos-Duffy said. “We must meet those challenges.”

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Emily Hamer contributed reporting to this article.