Mad City Frites, the restaurant on State Street which exclusively served gourmet frites, is now closed.

The shop opened in December 2014 and specialized in Belgian-style frites, or french fries, served with a variety of dipping sauces.

Taylor Beebe, Mad City Frites owner, remodeled the State Street location from an old bookstore into a modern style frite shop within just five months. She started the business when she was in her early 20s, according to The Cap Times.

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But the frites were fleeting. Beebe is closing down and selling Mad City Frites, Tiffany Kenney, Madison Central Business Improvement executive director, said.

Kenney said Beebe currently has a buyer for her business.

Hayley Sperling/The Badger Herald

Mad City Frites made waves in city government when it pushed back on Mayor Paul Soglin’s veto of its proposed alcohol license.

Mad City Frites applied for a license to sell beer and wine, which Soglin strongly opposed, citing the decline in downtown retail.

The Madison City Council, however, wanted beer with their fries and overrode the mayoral veto in a 19-1 vote.

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Kenney did not say if Mad City Frites will be taken over by a new owner or close down completely, but the 320 State Street location is closed for now. Those who are eager for gourmet frites will have to look elsewhere to satisfy their potato cravings.

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