Despite an expected higher attendance at this year’s Mifflin Street Block Party, the police presence will remain the same as past years.

During a Downtown Coordinating Committee meeting Thursday, Madison Police Department Captain Carl Gloede expressed concern that this year’s block party will coincide with the Crazylegs Classic. He said the running event will bring back a sizable number of alumni who remember Mifflin fondly and will likely add to the numbers.

Still, he said a typical number of MPD crowd control staff will preside over not only Mifflin Street, but student housing areas and Langdon Street as well.

In addition, MPD officers will be doing door-to-door “pre-communication” in student-housing areas prior to the event to educate students on the dangers the block party presents.

“We’re going to work to cooperate with the tenants in those areas so if they do choose to have a party, they keep it reasonable and small,” Gloede said.

Other items discussed at the meeting include the replacement of banners on State Street, a proposal to extend “enforcement hours” for on-street parking and updates on construction in the Capitol Square area.