The State Senate voted in favor of two bills Wednesday that will defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, costing the organization millions of dollars that go toward Wisconsin reproductive health care.

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The first approved bill passed with a 19-14 party line vote. It will take away the $3.5 million in Title X funds that went toward Planned Parenthood. Department of Health Services will now be required to apply for Title X funding and allocate it to the Wisconsin Well-Woman Program.

The second bill passed again on party lines, but with a 18-14 vote and will cause an increase in the price of the drugs abortion services, including Planned Parenthood, receive through Medicaid.

The Associated Press said the bill will charge Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers a fee for dispensing birth control drugs. This will cost Planned Parenthood approximately $4.5 million annually.

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Planned Parenthood said in a statement the cuts would have a “terrible impact” on the ability of women to receive care.

“Throughout this debate, other health care providers have made clear that without Planned Parenthood, they would be unable to absorb the 60,000 patients we care for,” Tanya Atkinson, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, said in the statement.

Planned Parenthood also criticized the government’s failure to provide a plan to continue care for patients they currently serve.

Democrat legislators, who were in the minority, and supported Planned Parenthood’s efforts also expressed their concerns.

Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, said in a statement that the State Senate’s decision to approve the bills was an attack on women’s health care.

“The Republican Senators seem obsessed with going after women’s reproductive and other healthcare services,” Risser said. “I am proud to stand up for and support the vital public services of Planned Parenthood.”

The bills now go to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk.

Teymour Tomsyck contributed reporting.