In an effort to help Greater University Tutoring Service continue to grow, Student Services Finance Committee approved their large budget and also listened to Sex Out Loud’s budget proposal in a meeting Thursday.

Greater University Tutoring Service

As one of the larger organizations in the General Student Services Fund budget, GUTS’ large budget proposal was approved with few changes to accommodate its recent growth.

Due to the caps on GSSF’s budget, GUTS has been unable to increase funding. But despite these limitations, SSFC is still working to help GUTS grow in other ways.

With only a $900 cut to its print and photo copy line budget, GUTS’ budget remained relatively unchanged.

SSFC Rep. Brent Johnson recommended the decrease to GUTS’ print and photo copying.

“This would just be a decrease to about 85 percent of what they requested,” Johnson said.

The decrease was based off how much GUTS typically spends, Johnson explained. The change, Johnson said, was very small in comparison to their whole budget.

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Rep. Miona Short encouraged the limited number of changes to GUTS’ proposed 2017 fiscal budget, in order to determine how much SSFC should proceed with GUTS’ spending cap.

“I wanted to make this more of a test year, if we give them everything they wanted with no changes, how would they do, and should it be how they are treated in the future?” Short said.

SSFC Chair Thuy Pham said SSFC is still taking GUTS’ request for increased spending very seriously. Pham said she has been working with GUTS to determine the best plan of action.

The question was raised of whether the caps to the budget should be raised to adjust for GUTS. Pham said SSFC already made the decision to not increase the caps, but it could be something to discuss for the future.

“I do see that the organization can grow and is contributing greatly to the community, even though we can’t approve of a higher budget because we have those caps doesn’t mean we can’t continue to help GUTS,” Pham said.

GUTS’ budget was approved for $149,331.04 with a vote of 8 to 0 and 1 abstain.

Sex Out Loud Budget Proposal

Sex Out Loud also presented their 2017 fiscal budget to SSFC Thursday.

Sex Out Loud’s financial coordinator, Nicholas Fetzner said the organization’s main mission is to promote healthy sexuality through sex positive education services.

“Students are loving the services of Sex Out Loud this year, there is a very big demand,”Fetzner said.

Sex Out Loud’s budget had a minor increase from its previous proposed budget due to wage increases approved earlier by SSFC.

Sex Out Loud proposed a budget of $104,648.

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SSFC will make a decision about Sex Out Loud’s budget at their next meeting Monday.