In a two minute YouTube video, four University of Wisconsin varsity athletes took a stand and raised their voice against sexual assault on campus.

UW’s new student organization, We’re Better Than That: Men Against Sexual Assault, produced the video, which featured men’s basketball players Nigel Hayes and Aaron Moesch, men’s football Dare Ogunbowale and men’s soccer Drew Conner.

The four sat down for candid interviews where they spoke openly about women. The conversation began lightly, with the four talking about their “favorite thing about women.”

Hayes described himself as a “teeth guy,” and loves nice smiles.

But, the conversation quickly took a turn for the serious.

The athletes were asked about sexual assault in light of the recent Association of American Universities report which showed more than one-in-four women will be sexually assaulted during their time on campus.

Report: More than one in four women sexually assaulted at UWUniversity of Wisconsin released data Monday, Sept. 21, showing nearly 28 percent of undergraduate females reported experiencing sexual assault involving force or Read…

Their faces swiftly shifted from giddy to dismal upon hearing the numbers.

“That’s startling,” Conner said.

All four agreed that something needed to be done on the matter, and men are the ones who need to change their actions and perspectives in order to be part of the solution.

Watch the full video below: