So, you’re a University of Wisconsin senior and you’re about to graduate.

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Let’s be serious, we all know how you’re really spending your last days as a student.

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But just because you’re days away from alumnus status, that doesn’t mean all the students perks go away once you graduate. Not right away at least.

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UW Athletics season tickets 

You might not be in Section O anymore, but you can still get season tickets.

Recently graduated students can purchase 2015 football season tickets for $336 each. 2015 student football season tickets for all seven home games are $168 with a $20 processing fee.

Mens’ basketball 2015-2016 prices have not been set yet, but last year’s season tickets ranged between $374 and $476 for all 17 home games.

Last year’s student season tickets were $130 with a $20 processing fee for 13 home games during the fall and spring semesters, with an optional winter break season ticket for $40 that included 4 home games over winter break.


Students’ NetIDs, which allow them to log into their Wiscmail, or Office365 email, will be deactivated approximately six months after graduation.

Students should forward all important Office365 emails or Wiscmail emails to personal email account so they can still access and read them.

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All DoIT Tech Store discounts on software and devices end for seniors on graduation day, so if students are interested they should take advantage in the next few weeks.

DoIT services, including repairs, software installation and HelpDesk, also are no longer available for seniors after graduation.


Wiscards expire five years after the issue date. If graduates still have money left on their Wiscard, they can still use it after graduation until their card expires.

If students plan to return to UW for graduate school, they will use the same Wiscard until it expires.

Recreational Sports

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Hopefully graduating also means upgrading to new workout facilities, but for those who want to stick with Recreational Sports, graduates can purchase a $25 summer membership. This grants access to all facilities, including the Southeast Recreational Facility, Natatorium and Shell.

With the summer membership, graduates can also purchase a Group Fitness membership or day passes for fitness classes.

Next fall, members of the Wisconsin Alumni Association may continue working out in Rec Sports facilities at the affiliate membership rates: 1 month for $25 or 12 months for $220.

Wisconsin Alumni Association

Member benefits include free subscription to the lighthearted Badger Insider Magazine, online access to UW libraries and Home Field Advantage football packages that include home game tickets and deluxe accommodations.

Alumni who have graduated within five years from UW can purchase lifetime memberships for $650. Annual memberships are $25.

University Health Services

UW students graduating in May can use UHS services until May 24.

Graduating students are also eligible for a Summer Health Fee, which costs $86 and provides access to UHS services between May 25 and August 31.

Wisconsin Union

Because Terrace days should never end, UW students within one year of graduation can purchase lifetime Wisconsin Union memberships for $75.

Union membership benefits include room rental for special events, 15 percent off hotel rooms, a 10 percent discount on Union gear, discounts on paddleboard, kayak, canoe and tent rentals at Outdoor UW, free live music events and movies and, most importantly, the ability to buy beverages at both Unions.

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UW alumni who graduated in the last five years can purchase lifetime memberships for $150.

Nothing compares to UW, and the real world won’t be all that bad because once a Badger, always a Badger.

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