As the Hub nears its opening date this summer, dozens of community members gathered in the Fluno Center Monday evening to discuss the possibility of construction of the Hub at Madison II.

Brian Munson, principle urban designer at Vandewalle & Associates Inc., and architect Jeff Zelisko of Antunovich Associates gave a presentation outlining various aspects of the future Hub at Madison II project.

Zelisko said the main entrance of the 12-story building will run along West Gorham Street and feature approximately 9,000 square feet of retail space.

Munson said he hopes to build a complex that respects the integrity of Madison. Munson said he and fellow developers plan to do this by incorporating aspects of Madison’s Downtown Plan in their construction of the Hub II.

Both Munson and Zelisko said the Hub II hopes to sell to both students and market-rate audiences. The new building would be split between the two audiences. There was talk of implementing a hotel aspect in the market-rate part of the building, however Munson said this was still in the early stages of research.

Zelisko said the new building will feature several townhouse type units, and developers are also toying with the idea of duplex units which would span across two floors.

Zelisko said the Hub II will offer many amenities, including an exercise room, rooftop deck with a pool, hot tubs and the possibility of a volleyball court.

The exterior of the building will be built to emulate a “modern take on an loft building,” Zelisko said, featuring steel and brick elements.

Architect Jeff Zelisko explained aspects on the new Hub project to community members Monday evening.
E. Brown

Many questions were raised by community members at the meeting, ranging from inquiries about bicycle racks to energy efficiency.

In terms of energy efficiency, Zelisko said there are plans for the building to be high efficiency, however like many other questions raised at the meeting the project is in too early of stages to be thoroughly addressed.

Munson said he expects full support from the city in terms of moving forward with the project and hopes to open the building in the fall of 2017.

The plan has not been formally submitted to the city, and the two representatives will be going before Madison’s Urban Design Commission Wednesday evening to get feedback on the building proposal.