Former University of Wisconsin football recruit Dominic Cizauskas, 18, was found guilty of felony third degree sexual assault by a Dane County jury.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that the incident occurred at Sellery Hall in December when he was visiting a woman he knew from his hometown.

According to the story, Cizauskas and his family left the courtroom following the verdict that was reached after about five hours of deliberation. The stories told by the woman and Cizauskas differed mainly on whether the intercourse was consensual.

The newspaper reported that Assistant District Attorney Rachel Sattler said the fact that she and Cizauskas had had sex before, “does not give Dominic Cizauskas eternal rights to [the woman’s] vagina.”

Tim Verhoff, Cizauskas’ lawyer, argued that the act was consensual and something she had just regretted afterward, the State Journal wrote. Sattler reputed the argument by saying it was improbable that the woman would go through the arduous process of the police questioning and trial just for one night she regretted.

Verhoff questioned the woman, asking why she had not tried to stop Cizauskas or ask for help. She burst into tears and said she had been in her underwear at that point after having just been assaulted. Verhoff said Cizauskas had followed the woman’s requests for him to stop, however she said he did not stop right away, wanting to “finish,” according to the WSJ story.

The linebacker from Mukwonago now faces up to five years in prison and five years extended supervision, a sentence that will be decided in about two months by Reserve Judge Daniel LaRocque.

Cizauskas had pleaded not guilty to the charges in April after a January arrest.