The roaring twenties are making a comeback on Capitol Square with a new steakhouse called Rare planning to open May 31.

According to general manager of the restaurant Bill Ford, owner Jack Sosnowski designed the upcoming restaurant to feature mahogany wood, chandeliers and leather booths as inspired by a big city 1920s-style steakhouse.

The restaurant will offer two private dining rooms, which Ford said will have a “library and wine cellar feel” to them. The steakhouse has salvaged a supply of antique books from Capitol Square bookstore J Taylor’s, adding to the retro-style experience. Ford said he hopes this will set the restaurant apart from other steakhouses in the area.

“The feel for the restaurant will be that it has been there forever when you walk in,” Ford said.

Rare will offer prime beef sourced from Chicago gourmet supplier Allen Bros. Ford said no other restaurant in the area currently offer Allen Bros. steaks. Rare’s menu will aim to offer a variety of dishes, from dry-aged steaks to oyster shooters.

Sosnowski and his wife Jill are well-established in the Madison area. The couple owns several businesses, including the Ivory Room Piano Bar, Capital Tap Haus and Buck N’ Badger.

Ald. Mike Verveer, District 4, said he was proud of the Sosnowski’s progress in terms of their growing business endeavors in Madison. Verveer said he remembers back went the couple worked shifts together at City Bar on State Street. He believes the steakhouse will be a unique and integral addition to the square.

Although it would be nice to have Rare opened in time for graduation weekend, Ford said it is not possible due to timing of construction.

“You cannot rush high quality, and one thing we didn’t want to do was rush something and not do it well,” Ford said. “Graduation is definitely a great time for restaurants in Madison, and there will definitely be more opportunities to celebrate at Rare.”

[Robert S. Donavon/Flickr]