Want to eat mor chikin? You may be in luck; Chick-fil-A is planning to open a store in Madison.

The restaurant is considering a location near the West Towne Mall, according to city planning staff member Kevin Firchow.

Firchow said Chik-fil-A currently has two requests before Madison’s Plan Commission that must pass before the store can continue with any plans to open.

One is a request for a demolition permit to destroy the former Wells Fargo Bank sitting at the proposed location for the the store, and the second is a conditional use permit to operate a drive-thru.

Firchow said the plan commission will meet Monday to vote on the permits. He said city staff must also consider other stores that are planning to open in the mall when making a decision on the approval of permits.

Chik-fil-A corporate offices could not be reached for comment.

[Photo via Joelk75/Flickr]