The Associated Students of Madison Student Services Finance Committee voted unanimously Monday to support ASM Chair David Gardner’s Union Budget Memo, which recommends more transparency in the funding process for student groups.

SSFC also discussed new General Student Services Fund eligibility forms and transitions for the committee for next semester.

Union Budget Memo

Gardner received a positive response from the committee about his Union Budget Memo as the committee voted unanimously to support the memo.

The memo was drafted after confusion surrounding the Wisconsin Union’s budget left many student representatives concerned about the budgeting process.

“In light of recent event and history surrounding the approval of the Wisconsin Union budget (WU) by the ASM Student Services Finance Committee (SSFC), this memorandum is written to create clarity around the student perspective, and seek solutions in the short, intermediate, and long term, to aid in providing a framework for collaboration,” Gardner wrote in the memo.

The memo encourages increased transparency from non-allocable groups like the Wisconsin Union, to student government groups that make funding decisions. It recommends ASM committees focus on more communication and collaboration with non-allocable groups during the budgeting process.

“The memo is the product of some recommendations that ASM can make to ensure better control of segregated fees,” Gardner said.

Transitions to the 21st SSFC session

Additionally, SSFC discussed the implementation of the newly-approved GSSF criteria in the 21st session of ASM.

Chair David Vines said groups that received eligibility in the 20th session will not need to reapply next session. However, the groups who were eligible for GSSF funds in the 19th session will have apply again in the 21st session.

Vines also requested SSFC members review the transition plans and application forms to be voted on at the next meeting.

All new implementation and eligibility application form finalizations will be voted on at SSFC’s final meeting of the semester Thursday.

[Picture by Louis Johnson/The Badger Herald]