With high profile performances including “The Book of Mormon,” the Blue Man Group, Bill Cosby and “Mama Mia” coming to the Overture Center in the coming months, downtown businesses will need to prepare for busy weekends in their shops and restaurants.

Mary Carbine, executive director of Madison’s Downtown Business Improvement, said stores and restaurants downtown often see an increase in business when the Overture Center hosts popular Broadway shows.

“The high profile Broadway shows at the Overture bring a lot of people from all over the region to downtown,” Carbine said. “They do not just go to the show but they often make an afternoon or day of it.”

Audience members often shop around the local stores or grab a cup of coffee from a coffeehouse before the show. Carbine said patrons will also visit Capitol Square after shows to get a drink or meal before leaving the city.

Carbine said she plans on sending out the Overture’s performance calendar to businesses on State Street to alert them of when certain shows are coming, allowing them to plan accordingly.

Overture Center spokesperson Robert Chappell said tickets for “The Book of Mormon,” which does not come to Madison until March 15, 2015, will go on sale in October and are expected to sell out fast. He said since the show is so popular, he is unsure if Overture will be selling student tickets for the performances.

Chappell said show-goers who wish to secure tickets for this performance are able to purchase them currently through a subscription that also includes tickets for “Mama Mia,” “Once,” “Dirty Dancing,” the Blue Man Group and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”