The Madison Police Department is investigating a new scam that targets college students renting apartments and homes on the 400 block of West Dayton Street.

According to the police report, scammers have placed pieces of paper under apartment doors informing renters about a new “online rent system” now available to them. The paper asks renters for their name, birth date, social security number and credit card information.

They also offer a $215 discount off the following month’s rent if the person enrolls in this “new rental program,” the report said. The company name on the flier is H&H Apartments, and the fliers say they are located at 7473 Ellington Court in Middleton.

Police are urging students to be wary of the scam and not provide any information of these sort to individuals over the phone or through email. Scammers can comprise one’s identity by attaining this personal information.