Although Dane County used new voting machines in this spring’s municipal elections, some were not reported correctly on the county website, officials said.

A member of the Dane County Clerk’s office staff confirmed incorrect vote totals were reported due to the new electronic voting machines the city implemented.

“There is definitely a learning curve on the new election software,” Dane County Clerk Scott McDonnell told the Capital Times.

According to the Capital Times, the results of the elections are still correct, as votes substantially favored certain candidates in each race. The exact numbers of total votes is where the mistakes exist.

McDonnell told the Capital Times the results from Wards 30, 31 and 32 were reported incorrectly. Wards 30 and 31 displayed the same results while Ward 32 reported more votes than could be possible.

The new voting machines save data on high tech flash drives, which are taken to the Clerk’s office after voting. The Clerk’s staff then downloads voting data from these flash drives. However, the flash drive did not properly record citizen votes on April 1, so the city clerk turned to paper ballot results, the article said.

Once votes were finalized, city officials posted them on the county website without realizing some of the numbers did not add up correctly.

The county website will not be updated until the County Clerk receives the absentee ballots and counts them on Tuesday. According to the article, correct tallies were listed on the city of Madison website