Madison police are investigating a series of possibly related crimes from early Friday morning on Fordem Avenue.

The police report said a woman called officers to her home on Fordem Avenue at 5 a.m. Friday morning after finding a stranger lying next to her in bed. The suspect was most likely intoxicated and entered the woman’s home through an unlocked window, but she did not report the incident as a sexual assault.

Madison Police Department spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the woman was confused when she woke up next to the suspect but was able to escort the staggering man out of her apartment and recall him mentioning his name was Dave.

While officers were responding to this call, a woman on nearby Fordem Drive also called police. She described a similar-looking man who had attempted to enter her residence multiple times through a locked sliding door only 30 minutes earlier, the report said.

As police investigated these two incidents, another victim reported a robbery later Friday morning. A man told police he had been burglarized when he woke up to find his computer and three of his rifles missing. DeSpain said an apartment maintenance person found the missing three guns in a courtyard nearby but the computer had not been located yet.

“It is not clear whether all of these are related,” DeSpain said. “The woman with the outside sliding door description matches that of the guy who went into the other woman’s apartment, but we do not have a description of the suspect for the burglary.”

He said because the suspect attempted to enter apartments around the same time and in the same area it is possible three crimes are all connected but that has not been definitively determined yet.