Madison police arrested a suspect for trying to buy a little more than gasoline at a gas station on East Washington Avenue Saturday.

Police arrested Todd Antillo, 51, after he allegedly attempted to solicit a woman for sexual favors in exchange for $5 outside the Capitol Pedro Mart Gas Station.

According to a police report, Antillo was intoxicated when he began to harass the 24-year-old victim on her way into the gas station market.

The report said the woman told Antillo she was not interested in his offer, however, Antillo continued to pursue her.

DeSpain said Antillo was trying to get into the victim’s car, and her legs became caught in the car door. DeSpain said as far as he knows, the victim was not seriously injured.

The police report said the suspect then placed his hands on the hood of the victim’s car to keep her from leaving the area. When police arrived, Antillo attempted to flee the scene, but officers were able to catch up with him and arrest him.

According to the report, Capitol Pedro Mart Gas Station has requested Antillo be banned from their establishment. DeSpain said although police have acknowledged this request, he is unsure if it will be maintained.