A day after Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill providing $541 million tax cut, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke released a report detailing her job creation plan, titled “Invest for Success,” and how she plans to lead Wisconsin if elected.

The plan, released Tuesday, is centered on creating more jobs and improving Wisconsin’s economy by targeting the middle class. Burke said Wisconsin is recovering slowly from the Great Recession compared to surrounding Midwestern states.

Burke outlined her proposal in a YouTube video posted to her campaign website in which she said Wisconsin has currently been creating jobs at half the rate of the national average.

Burke said she wants to grow the economy by devoting efforts and resources into groups of related markets and skills called “industry clusters.”

To do this, she said it is necessary to make higher education more accessible, invest in small businesses to promote innovative entrepreneurship, become more competitive within the global marketplace and create a positive business environment with the help of an effective and efficient government.

Walker spokesperson Tom Evenson said the administration has been successful in growing the economy by getting government out of the way, letting taxpayers keep more of their income and investing in worker training.

“Over 100,000 jobs and 17,000 new businesses have been created since Gov. Walker took office,” Evenson said.

Burke said her experience in business has given her the skills and experience to expand business and create jobs. Burke formerly worked as a Trek Bicycle executive, where she assisted the company and helped increase annual sales from $3 million to $50 million while developing 1,000 Wisconsin jobs, according to her report. She also served as state commerce secretary in the Gov. Jim Doyle administration.

Republicans have criticized Burke’s record on job creation as secretary of commerce, saying her policies failed to create jobs and raised taxes.

“Wisconsin has already seen Mary Burke’s jobs plan in action — and it doesn’t work,” Republican Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Joe Fadness said. “The Doyle-Burke Administration oversaw some of the biggest jobs and business losses to hit Wisconsin, and the state can’t afford to go back to these failed policies.”

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Burke campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

[Photo via The Associated Press]